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International Rail Freight Conference, Prague 13-15 March 2013

The website is running a trial. Databases contain only the test data samples.
Real data will be completed within a few weeks.


GETA was established in December 2011 and approved in February 2012. Until the first General Assembly meeting, a GETA Preliminary Board has been established consisting of the three founding members of the organization. 

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GETA Preliminary Chairmanship, Secretary and Members of the Board:

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Petr Kroča

Position: Chairman
Company name: JERID
Country: Czech Republic

Wisniewska Karolina

Position: Vice-Chairman
Company name: Instytut Kolejnictwa
Country: Poland

Martin Kendra

Position: Vice-Chairman
Company name: University of Žilina
Country: Slovakia

Stane Božičnik

Position: Member of the Board
Company name: University of Maribor
Country: Slovenia

Martin Gregor

Position: Inspection Committee Chairman
Company name: ITC Holding
Country: Czech Republic

Maciej Michnej

Position: Inspection Committee Member
Company name: Cracow University
Country: Poland

Murat Özemre

Position: Inspection Committee Member
Company name: BIMAR
Country: Turkey