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International Rail Freight Conference, Prague 13-15 March 2013

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  • Invitation to the GETA General Meeting
  • Minutes from the GETA General Meeting, 5 November 2012 in Bratislava
  • Contacts on participants of the GETA General Meeting
  • Presentations from Petr and Philippe

For all presentations from the Parallel Session dedicated to international R&D projects at the IRIC 2012 Conference in Bratislava please use following link and the password 'iric2012' (the last 11 files).

TitleFile typeFile sizeFile nameLanguagePages
GETA Membership Application Form DOC 52 kB GETA_Membership_Application_en.doc English 1
GETA Partnership Application Form DOC 60.5 kB GETA_Partnership_Application_en.doc English 1
GETA Logo ZIP 1.4 MB GETA_logo.ZIP 1
GETA Statutes PDF 56.1 kB GETA_Statutes_en.pdf English 3
GETA Profile PDF 68.2 kB GETA_Profile_Leaflet.pdf English 1
Invitation to the GETA General Meeting 2012 PDF 75.3 kB GETA_General_Assembly_en.pdf * English 1
GETA General Meeting Minutes PDF 85.2 kB GETA_General_Meeting_Minutes.pdf * English 3
Attendance List of the GETA General Meeting 2012 PDF 671.6 kB GETA GM Attendance List.pdf * English 1
GETA General Meeting Presentation by Petr Kroča PPT 5.7 MB GETA-GM-2012_en.PPT * English 51
GETA Cluster by Philippe Loward PPTX 197.6 kB GETA_Cluster.ppt.pptx * English 18
GETA Draft Rationale PDF 154.9 kB GETA_rationale_draft.pdf * English 3
GETA Mission PDF 71.4 kB GETA_Mission_final.pdf * English 1
GETA Vision PDF 89.2 kB GETA_Vision_DRAFT.pdf * English 1
EUREKA Intercluster Meeting - report PDF 115.8 kB Report_E!_InterclusterMeeting.pdf * English 2
GETA Leaflet PDF 1.6 MB GETA-Leaflet-2013-reduced-graphics.pdf English 1
Horizon 2020 presentation PPT 334.5 kB Horizon2020-260213.ppt * English 26
GETA Board Meeting Draft Agenda PDF 85.9 kB GETA-Board _Draft-Agenda_V1.pdf * English 1


GETA Membership Application Form

GETA Partnership Application Form

Expert Nomination Form

GETA Statutes

GETA Profile