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22nd International Railway Safety Conference

The website is running a trial. Databases contain only the test data samples.
Real data will be completed within a few weeks.

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Expertise 1: transport
Expertise 2: transport (road, rail, water, air), transport and postal services, transport, roads, transportation and building construction, electronics, telecommunications, computer science, information and communication technology, management and marketing, engineering, construction, security and crisis management, civil security , fire protection, forensic engineering, applied mathematics, teaching general-education subjects, library and information science, social pedagogy, alpine biology
Full name: University of Žilina
Web page:
Country: Slovakia


Expertise 1: transport
Expertise 2: transport, architecture, chemical engineering and technology, civil engineering, electrical and computer engineering, environmental engineering, physics, mathematics and computer science, mechanical engineering
Full name: Cracow University of Technology
Web page:
Country: Poland